Tired of manipulative and narcissistic women?



Is this how she makes you feel?

narcissistic women 
Feeling sane is a matter of feeling in control. 

The narcissist doesn't want you in control of your feelings or emotions.

She wants you off guard, feeling chaos, despair and need.  You may end up angry, depressed and sometimes suicidal.

But you don't have to.

There are ways to navigate this journey.  There are practical, down to earth strategies that are exactly what is needed to take control and lose the feeling of going crazy.

In myths of old, perilous journeys are metaphors for the trials and tribulations we endure to develop strength.  It is important not to have a victim mentality.  Getting to the other side of this is possible and there is love, laughter, fun, good times on the other side.


Life gets better.  These perilous journeys of old always involved a woman with her siren song tempting a man from the things he had to do and the life he wanted to lead. Those who resisted the siren song completed what became known as The Hero's Journey. He then came back to where he began, older, wiser, and happier.

Learn how to recognize narcissistic women and keep away from them.

They are controlling
No empathy
Abnormal about money (spend too much or not enough)
Verbally abusive
Unresponsive to you and your concerns
They lie
They betray and manipulate

If you have dated someone like that you need to learn:

1. Why they seek you out. 

2. How to identify the behaviors and red flags of narcissistic women before you get involved with the next one.

3. How to get out of a toxic relationship

You can be happy and content and get what you need.


  • In a bad relationship now?
  • Afraid you are doomed for the same abuse over and over?
  • Feel taken advantage of?

Don't give up!  Damaged women don't rule the world although it might feel like that. Sarcastic Sara and Belittling Barb can be history!

Narcissistic or sociopathic women may lie, use you, abuse you, and tell you nothing you do is ever right.  These are damaged women- maybe narcissistic, maybe sociopath or maybe just a drama mama. 

Get out!  What is holding you back?  Need some help? Ok, here is one guy ready to help you. He knows what it is like to be manipulated and feel stuck not knowing how to leave.  If that's you, you aren't alone.

Yes, show me how to end this and start a new life!

Restore your vitality and strength by learning  how to escape the clutches of a narcissist.  You need to reprogram your reality to be calm, free from drama queens and do it easily. This will show you how. Life is too short to be miserable

 Please, take a look.


  You can't fix them and you don't have to.  Here's to the good ones,  the fun ones, the worthy ones, the sexy, loyal and awesome women....you deserve her.

Life is short, so find the good women. Find the women with love and compassion in their hearts; with fun and joy in their very being.

If you want what you deserve, do something about it. Get her out of your life so you can find the good ones. You can't to them with Crazy Cathy or Drama Mama Debbie holding you back.